Age: 40+

"I was given a referral to Derma Spa by a friend who had and continues to have positive outcomes. Looking in the mirror one day I really noticed that the sun spots on my face were causing me to look so old. I really felt that I needed to do something for myself to look and feel better. Having knowledge of skin care there are no “magic” cures for sun damage so I looked for the most non invasive way to treat all the damage I had accumulated from my younger years of not using sunscreen. My lovely consultant Shelly and I discussed the options for about an hour and then established a plan that best suit how I wanted to proceed with treatment. The procedure of applying the laser treatment did not take as long as I had expected. When the laser is applied there is a sensation of a rubberband hitting your skin – a snap. At first it truly brings your attention to the laser application but after a few moments you relax into the calmness of the room and the gentle reassurance of what to expect next from the technician. Yes, it definitely did. After years of sun damage I couldn’t repair on my own I felt the only way of reducing the brown spots on my face would be to receive treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions. I never felt hurried by the individuals that I received information from. They were always fully capable and proficient in answering any question I had. The treatment I received was wonderful from beginning to end. I have had many experience at various spas around the world and it is with great pleasure that I can say that DermaSpa is one of the best spas for caring for their clientele. What factor determined this for me was that they actually listen to you. The best part of my treatment was when my family and friends started to notice that the dark spots were lessening. I wouldn’t think of going to another spa, as my experience was entirely infomative, professional and most importantly enjoyable. From my initial conversations gathering information and through treatment I always felt cared for. It was brilliant to have staff that took time to actually hear my questions, address them in a manner where I felt there was no rush and then provide a quality service that actually produced what I had expected. This is remarkably outstanding. Simply ….a lovely experience."

Treatment Type:

Limelight IPL