Age: 40+

"I came to one of Derma Spa’s information evenings and left with a good feeling about available choices and treatments Derma Spa had to offer. I made an appointment with one of their specialists and we discussed areas that needed treatment that were concerning me everyday. The deep frown lines on my forehead and around my eyes were not going away and I was reminded of them with every mirror glimpse or photograph. I felt older then my inside age of 48. I am an active mom with 3 teenagers, and ran 14 marathons over the last 6 years and just did my first triathlon this summer, so keeping active is important to me. Healthy on the inside, but the outside body needed some balance. Paula recommended dermal filler and Botox Cosmetic® for the deep frown lines on the forehead and around the eyes. To my surprise within 10 days they were so soft that the mirror didn’t mind looking back at me! I smiled without thinking of wrinkling up my face at the same time. Being a sun worshiper in my younger years, those bad UV rays had caught up with me so I felt the need to experiment with commercial foundations. But I had different skin tones all over my face and I didn’t really know what was best for my skin. All I wanted was smooth, even toned, fresh looking flawless skin. Shelly introduced me to Obagi® and now I am hooked on it forever. The special cream combination she suggested reduced the dark sunspots, evened out the colour, and my skin had a fresh, even glow. She also recommended Laser Genesis to help bring back the collagen to the surface again. The combination of the two treatments helped reduce the fine lines and create smooth even skin texture and colour. I love how the combination of all these treatments made my skin look vibrant and younger looking!"