Pam S.

Age: 40+

"Originally I did not go to Derma Spa for anything specific I just wanted to know how I could be proactive with my skin. I never knew that my skin concerns could be resolved but it was Lianne who actually reached out to me about it (and I can’t thank her enough!). Hormones and stress were doing a number on my skin and I had zero confidence that anything could help it. I started with a Hydrafacial with Dominique because it sounded lovely but for me the proof would be in the results. It was fantastic, relaxing and non-invasive and the results were immediately visible. I am so glad to have met Dominique her attention to your skin is amazing! My experience was “genuine” and that is hard to come by these days. It’s not about gimmicky product sales. The Derma Spa team is really about doing their best to help their clients feel their best. I can’t thank Lianne and the team enough for not forgetting about me, and reminding me to take time for myself again."

Treatment Type:

HydraFacial MD®