Introducing CoolAdvantage

All of us at Derma Spa are so excited to announce the upgrade of our CoolSculpting® service! The brand new CoolAdvantage is a revolutionary new applicator for our already extremely popular CoolSculpting® service. Why does the CoolAdvantage have us so happy? Simply, it has raised the bar for client comfort and treatment efficiency, while drastically reducing patient treatment times.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

CoolSculpting® makes use of a cooling process that targets fat cells located under the skin. The cooling process freezes only the fat cells, leaving your healthy cells unharmed. Once the cells are frozen, they die and are naturally eliminated by your body over the course of a few month.

What’s New With CoolAdvantage?

Shorter Treatment Times

A clinical study compared the performance of the currently used CoolCore applicator to the new CoolAdvantage and the difference in performance was phenomenal! The CoolAdvantage renders a nearly 50% reduced treatment time compared to the currently used CoolCore applicator. This is achieved by improvements in the applicator design and colder temperatures, which allow us to treat a larger area in a shorter amount of time. Reducing treatment times to around 35 minutes mean that it is easier than ever to fit a CoolSculpting® appointment into your day.

Improved Comfort and Patient Satisfaction

We are also happy to report that the clinical study researching the CoolAdvantage upgrade reported a 45% increase in the client’s level of comfort during the procedure. Factor this improvement with the fact that CoolSculpting® is already one of the premier comfort choices for non-invasive fat reduction treatments, and CoolAdvantage pushes the CoolSculpting® treatment to the next level! Clients can now expect the same great results, but with improved comfort. In the same clinical study, 85% of subjects reported preferring the CoolAdvantage applicator over the previous CoolCore applicator. With such a strong preference, the choice to go with the CoolAdvantage becomes easy to make.

Larger Treatment Area Possible

As if these improvements weren’t enough, the new design of the CoolAdvantage boasts a larger surface area. The new design comes with three different applicator heads, to target all of those problem fat areas. The CoolFit Advantage is ideal for vertical areas of fat such as the inner thigh. The CoolCore Advantage best matches the contours and curves of the abdomen, while the CoolCurve+ Advantage is useful for those problematic love handles. By using the tried and true CoolSculpting® system, augmented with the revolutionary new CoolAdvantage applicator, client outcomes are now more positive than ever.

When considering a non-invasive solution to get rid of unwanted fat, the choice is clear, CoolSculpting® with the new CoolAdvantage, delivers better outcomes in a shorter and more comfortable treatment time. All of these incredible improvements add up to one conclusion – CoolSculpting® coupled with the CoolAdvantage technology is now the ultimate answer in non-invasive fat reduction technology.