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During the consult we spend time learning about your objectives. We take photos and you are able to show us what you’re excited about. Based on what you share, we are best able to recommend a treatment plan to get you the outcome you want.

Derma Spa client

See bottom of page to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our providers. *Client has provided express written consent to share his/her photos.

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Starting from $199 per treatment


1 Day 15 Days

Number of Treatments

1 or more

Yes, you will have a natural blush after the treatment. This is a very active and stimulating facial using suction with exfoliating tips which will increase circulation to your face.

30 mins to 24hrs depending on your skin. We do also have La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup to provide you with SPF protection while also covering the redness if you need to return to work.

This facial provides deep exfoliation, a thorough cleaning of pores, peptides and antioxidants. Ideal before big events like weddings, reunions, graduations and other events. However, we do offer these treatments in a series of 4 or 6 to maximize your benefit.

We are a medical facility, and as such, we want to take the time to understand our patient’s needs and skin concerns before we begin. At this time, we will assess whether a single treatment or series of treatments are required to achieve the best results for the patient.


  • Minor reddening and/or swelling.
  • If the skin is purging, you may experience a breakout following treatment.
  • Avoid strong sun exposure for several days.
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration.