How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Achieving many small goals over time builds self-esteem and positively reinforces good habits.

  • Be realistic– Make your goal attainable. Example: you need to lose weight, let’s say 40lbs… that can be daunting, break it down into 4 smaller goals (10lbs per month for 4 months) it makes it more manageable and attainable!
  • Set a timeline to be accomplished- again being realistic in the amount of time it will take to accomplish your goal. Whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking etc. having a realistic goal is half your battle.
  • Don’t try to change everything overnight- Make small, educated choices to exchange bad habits for good ones. Cold turkey works for some people but can also lead to a serious relapse/ binge into that bad habit.
  • Drop the enablers- Enablers are part of what I call the circle of guilt & bad feelings; they make you feel guilty for wanting to change while they feel badly for not wanting to change or not having the will power to do so. If the enabler feels that you are putting down their lifestyle or that you are now too good for that behavior/ habit, they will sabotage your efforts. Remember, misery loves company.
  • Find a friend who inspires you- Surround yourself with positive people with healthy habits who always encourage you to achieve and maintain your goals. Friends are great to have if you need a little more motivation. Whether the friend is furry, human or both having someone that is in your corner to support you always helps.
  • When in doubt try it for 10minutes- this works best for fitness goals but sometimes for others too. When you really don’t feel like going to the gym, for a walk/ run… try it for 10 minutes, If you still are just not in to it stop and try again tomorrow.
  • One day at a time- Each day is a new day. No one is perfect when it comes to fitness or nutrition you are allowed to have a bad day. It doesn’t have to de-rail your progress…just don’t let it turn into a bad week or month etc.
  • Be kind to yourself- Pay attention to your internal dialogue. Stop being negative towards yourself. Focus on positive things: what you like about yourself or what you are good at. Have a good morning mantra and a good evening mantra- recite them to yourself while you brush your teeth. You will be amazed at how quickly your mood and confidence will grow. Talk to yourself through the voice of those that love you.
  • Reward your progress- Rewards should never be food/ junk food. Here are some ideas for rewards: weight loss; buy a new outfit, fitness; sign up for a race, quit smoking; put the amount of money you would have spent into a jar for a year- you will be amazed how much money you will have to invest, travel with, or to play with!
  • Set new goals- Once you have conquered your goal, set a new one. We thrive on achieving and attaining the objective of our goals. Make this year your most positive!