Age: 20+

"I first came to Derma Spa to find out about laser hair removal. I have sensitive skin and wanted something more permanent than shaving. In my consultation I learned about the other treatments Derma Spa provides. I am interested in taking care of my skin now – that’s whats going to help my skin age better when I am older. The laser hair removal, electrolysis and waxing helped with my body hair. The glycolic peels, micros, facials and medical grade skin care all helped my skin more than anything else I have ever tried. I found out that going to Derma Spa not all about hype or advertising – it is going to be results that you will love and feel great about. There is a reason that I have continued to come for many different treatments that have all been performed perfectly; Derma Spa is the only place I know that doesn’t just have only one employee or service that they are known for. Derma Spa is the only place that is hands down the best at all the treatments they offer!"

Treatment Type:

Glycolic Peels