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Treating Brown Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Many of us have hyperpigmentation, where the skin develops spots or patches that are darker than the surrounding skin. Skin discolouration may develop as melasma, as sun/age spots, or after trauma to the skin (acne/cut/burn etc.) and all darken with sun exposure.

Unlike age/sun spots and trauma to the skin, melasma is a uniform brown colour usually occurring on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. Hyperpigmentation due to Melasma may appear through sun exposure as well as hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, puberty and by taking oral contraceptives.

At Derma Spa, we take pride in lightening/eliminating brown spots with the use of laser technologies such as Photo Rejuvenation. Photo Rejuvenation with Limelight produces spectacular results. Brown spots can be eliminated with only 1-6 treatments.

Before beginning any skin treatment at Derma Spa, we encourage all clients to visit us for a FREE consultation. At this time one of our Laser Specialists will analyze your skin and provide recommendations for what treatment would be best to achieve your goals for your skin, as well as meet all your skin’s needs.

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