Anti-Aging Strategies — Your First Defense is Sunscreen

Most of us are dedicated to using sunscreen when we are at the beach or poolside. However, expert studies show that 90% of sun damage happens on a daily basis, caused by unplanned sun exposure such as driving in the car, spending time in the garden, a quick walk to the store or not wearing sunscreen on a cloudy day. These same studies show that multiple brief exposures to the sun may become more damaging than experiencing a smaller amount of actual sunburns!

Over time, sun damage and free radical damage can cause the breakdown of collagen and cells to become dysfunctional, which in turn produces pigment (either red or brown), precancerous lesions and age spots — in short, skin that looks and feels aged.

Finding the right kind of sunscreen can be challenging. Generally, there are two types of sunscreens — physical and chemical.

  • Physical sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which work by reflecting the light particles (photons) up and out of the skin preventing absorption of light energy. These are a great option for more sensitive skin types.
  • Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that interact with the skin’s top layer by absorbing photons which in turn destroy the molecules of the sunscreen rather than a skin component.

Derma Spa carries a wide variety of sunscreen options. Use daily, in the morning as the final part of your regular skincare regime before applying make-up.